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Titan Laser Treatments


Tightens and Tones Skin All Over the Body

Titan Laser Treatments offer an effective way to turn back the clock all over your body. It is an anti-aging treatment that continues to provide benefits long after the treatment is over – in fact, a single treatment is often sufficient to achieve the desired results. For most patients the results are gradual, over a three to six month period, as new collagen is formed and the skin tightens.

What is it?
Titan Laser Treatment is an all-natural option that helps achieve a firmer, younger look. This laser uses light energy to stimulate the growth of new collagen beneath your skin’s surface. This treatment can tighten skin on your face, arms, abdomen and legs. Titan will enhance your youthful and healthy appearance without surgery, recovery time or injections.

What does it do?
Titan can be used for tightening skin over various areas of the body, including the forehead, the lower face along the chin line, under the eyes, the hands, the abdomen, around the knees and in some cases the breasts. Titan is a non-ablative, non-surgical lifting procedure that contracts and tightens the skin, using infrared light to soften the effect of gravity. Fine wrinkles look smoother, pores smaller. It is painless and enables you to return immediately to your normal daily activity.

What does it feel like?
During the treatment, you’ll feel a brief heating sensation with each pulse of the laser. While some patients prefer to take a mild pain reliever such as Tylenol before the procedure, most require no medication at all. You may notice some redness and mild swelling in the treated area immediately after the treatment, both of which will dissipate within a few hours.

Who is it for?
The Titan Laser is an appropriate option for both genders, if the goal is to tighten skin on the face, abdomen and any other parts of the body. This treatment works well for patients with any skin type.

The Titan Laser is highly effective and also safer than similar “therma-lifting” techniques, as Titan Laser applies heat to the skin and fat in a uniform way, minimizing risk involved with differential heating of other lasers.